⁎ “Hiring” Are you passionate about mitigating the climate crisis and advancing science? We are a startup firm in the hydrogen industry and are looking for candidates who have the skills and knowledge to join our team. We are developing GHG-free hydrogen using cutting edge microwave technology, and are looking for people who can help us reach our goals. We do not have financial backing yet, so this position may be better suited for retirees who don't need a salary. But what we do have is a great work ambiance, passion for our cause, and the commitment to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Reaching For Zero™ will be a place where we will question, investigate, evaluate, implement, and scrutinize, and revise until we get it right. The work and workplace will stimulate, refresh, reinvigorate, and satisfy your need to contribute to saving the planet's biodiversity and climate.If this sounds like something you would be interested in, we would love to have you join our team!

We are looking for ideally curious, funny, knowledgeable people with experience (retired?) in the following areas:

IT wizards - security, website design, and maintenance
AI geeks - perhaps AI can help us develop hydrogen and mitigate climate change
Chemistry experts - particularly hydrogen and carbon
Physicists and Microwave specialists - electromagnetic radiation
Legal - IP, and Business law
Metal Workers, Pipe Fitters, and Plumbers
Accounting - bookkeeping and financial statements
Translation - English-French translation of documents and website
PR⁄Marketing - government relations⁄partnerships

Retired persons with any of the above skills are especially encouraged to apply.
Please send your résumé to:
Ian Marcil, President
Reaching For Zero Ltd.™

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