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Several photgraphs used in this website were taken from the web and the photos are attributed below. Note they are all ©: copyrighted. If you take copies of the photos, then you must attribute them and indicate that they are copyrighted.

  Photo: Momme Halbe, Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia/ Forêt pluviale de Great Bear, Colombie-Britannique © Destination Canada
  Photo: Jacques Boissinot, Canadian Press Archive. Flooding on the Chicoutimi River, Quebec - July 1996
  Photo: Cloud cover over Scotland, Scotland - July 2018, ©Ian Marcil
  Photo: K Bialous, Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia/ Parc Stanley, Vancouver, Colombie-Britannique © Destination Canada
  Photo: Smoke stacks, Pxhere, Creative Commons CCO
  Photo: Stevenston Commons, Scotland - July 2018, ©Ian Marcil
  Photo: Wooden toolbox with tools, - accessed August 6, 2023

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