Reaching For Zero™

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Remember how we listed the first two primary needs of humans? Food. Shelter.

We need nutritious food to eat and we need a safe, temperate place to live. Unfortunately, based on our current way of doing things the planet cannot sustain the current population (and the anticipated increase) without the use of carbon-based molecules. We burn the fuels to directly or indirectly heat or cool our residences and we use carbon-based fuels to create fertilizer for growing plants that we eat or feed to animals. So, we burn tons of fuels and create tons of CO2 as a by-product. Most of the CO2 is not being captured and sequestered. It is simply going up the chimneys into the atmosphere. And that is how we are generating 50+ billion tons of excess CO2 annually. And that is how we are travelling so quickly down the road to a very real and imminent climate disaster - a disaster for life and livelihood.

This is a very worrisome outcome and it will, no, it is, happening every minute of every day of every year. But we can stop and reverse it. We have the technology, we have the human and financial resources to do it. (True, for some facets we might not yet have the technology but we are quickly acquiring it.)

So what can we do?

One of the solutions is to tweak an old technology…