Reaching For Zero™

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Climate Guardians

For a long time, few people thought about climate change.

Seasons came and went. Year after year there were variations in the weather but for the most part people knew what to expect. The animals and plants had evolved and adapted perfectly to the environments in which they lived. Over millennia successive generations made very small changes and very slowly each species became what we know it as today - the delicately scented flower, the beautifully plumed bird, the majestic beasts, etc. The hot gases that were the beginnings of Earth became the deep oceans, the soaring peaks, the cool forests, the scorching deserts, the frozen tundra.

Humans also evolved, and in time we became masters. Unfortunately, most of us did not realize that we also became guardians and that we had a collective responsibility to protect the earth, the air and the water and all living things within these essential elements.

We must realize that we control the very future of all life and lives on this planet. And what we are currently doing is leading to a not-so-slow disaster for our future generations, the flora, and fauna.

What we do during the next few decades will determine whether we are either responsible guardians who defend and save this wondrous world or only plunderers who will destroy it.


Tough words. Unfortunately, true. But we can rise to the challenge…